“To equip his people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up.” Ephesians 4:12


For WORD Community Church to continue to be a vibrant, healthy community of believers, the faithful service of brothers and sisters is essential. As we serve the Lord, we are united by our love for God and our love for one another. We hope that you will take this step towards building up the church and strengthening our brothers and sisters as we serve God together!


List of ministries in WORD Community Church (in alphabetical order):

Children's Ministry 儿童事工
Person in Charge: 秀秀师母

Training up a children in the way of the Lord is a crucial ministry in WORD Community Church, where we seek to win families for Christ. Touch a young life for Jesus today - they may one day grow into mighty soldiers for Christ.

教导孩子是建道基督教会很重要的侍奉之一,因为我们的教会想为耶稣影响我们周围的家庭。用你的爱触摸一个孩子 - 他们可能成为明天为主影响这世界的勇士。
Media Ministry 媒体事工
Person in Charge: Pastor Elysa
We believe that God is at work in our world all the time. The media ministry seeks to glorify God by documenting what He is doing in WORD Community Church and communicating it to the Church and to the world. We hope that these testimonies of God’s love and faithfulness will inspire others to love Him and pursue Him faithfully too.
Ushers' Ministry 招待事工
Person in Charge: 美西师母
For new friends, sometimes, all it takes is a bright smile and a warm handshake for them to feel God's love. Minister to our congregation and guests through your bubbly and loving personality, and watch our church grow each week.

Worship Ministry
Person in Charge: 静芳老师

Each service is an opportunity to encounter God and meet with Him face to face. Through the music of the worship team, the congregation is able to praise God and give Him the glory He deserves. Be a part of this ministry which leads people before the throne of God and help them find joy and renewed strength for the week ahead.